The Sacro Bosco is a monumental complex of the fifteenth century protected by the Florence Charter, drawn up in 1981 by the International Committee of Gardens and Historic Sites (criteria for the maintenance and conservation of historic gardens art.11 and following) as well as by the legislative decree 22 January 2004 n ° 42 that in art. 10 c.4 letter F includes villas, parks and gardens that have artistic and historical interest, among the cultural assets subject to a particular legal regime that provides for the prohibition to destroy, damage or use them for uses that are not compatible with their historical and artistic character. or such as to jeopardize its conservation. On the basis of these principles and directives, the Park managers have drawn up the following Regulations:

The visitor to the Sacro Bosco, at the time of purchasing the ticket, expressly accepts the general conditions governing entry into the Park and the use of the services offered.

Not smoking

Do not rush

Do not Climb the sculptures

Respect the green

Only guide dogs for the blind are allowed

Use the special baskets

The staff is authorized to monitor compliance with the behaviors set out in these Regulations and reserves the right to deny access, or to request exit from the Park, without any reimbursement, to users who engage in inappropriate and / or dangerous conduct for themselves. themselves and for others.

The visitor undertakes to abide by the established rules as indicated in the information signs.

Maximum attention is required when walking along the avenues, the vertical connections (stairs) and the places of access to the sculptures.

The administration is exonerated from any liability deriving from the lack of caution on the part of visitors.