Respect for Nature

It is recommended to respect the environment.

Do not disperse the waste.
Use the special baskets.

Garbage dispersed in the environment is very polluting and takes months to thousands of years to biodegrade.

Biodegradable paper napkins take nearly a year to destroy.
Plastic bags are indestructible.
Aluminum cans 100 years old.
Cigarette butts 5 years.
Do not throw cigarette butts on the ground, they contain harmful and polluting substances.

Don’t pick the flowers.
Do not detach the bulbs.
Don’t break the branches.
Each natural element has its own fundamental function for the balance of the ecosystem.
Insects and molluscs are fundamental in the equilibrium of the environment.

Respect the Silence.
Avoid screams and shouts.


” The pruning of the trees and shrubs of the Sacred Wood of Bomarzo takes place according to ecological criteria, respecting the flora and the surrounding environment, preserving the microworlds that inhabit each single plant, and the well-being of the plant itself. ”

Below are the botanical species of the Park: